Shared with Aloha.

My CookSpace is handmade in the deliciously diverse 808 to bring you everyday recipes worth cooking.  

The stories shared here are like a bowl of saimin, familiar, comforting and a unique mix of East and West.    

A community of cooks and storytellers.

Hello!  Food has been the sound track to my life — a tangible thread connecting past and present. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, requests for recipes from that time when I had a little cooking studio in Kaka’ako have become more frequent. Perhaps cooking gives us comfort and a sense of security when so much else right now seems random and out of control. So I decided to start this blog to share recipes I like to cook and stories on food traditions and culture. Some of the recipes are my own, others are from a rich community of friends and colleagues — many who popped-in to teach a class or just have a little fun at the original CookSpace Hawaii. I’ve had a lucky life with opportunities to tell stories about the people and places I’m curious about, and most gratefully, to connect with other storytellers who like myself are curious cooks. My CookSpace is a friends and family space, albeit virtual – for now. I hope My CookSpace brings you and those at your table joy.

- Melanie

My Background

I have a small content creation and communications company, First Daughter MediaWorks. We help our clients tell their best story in meaningful ways that make them sparkle and stand out from a crowd. I also like to delve into original content creation and have developed a number of award-winning PBS culinary series and digital projects mostly around food, culture and community.